Break Out Sessions #1 (Day one; 1:15 pm - 2:05 pm)

Put the FUN into Helping Students Get Their Funds Up!

Jennifer Wilson, Texas Tech University | Ashley Guillemette, Texas Tech University | Sandra J. Huston, Texas Tech University | Laura Scott, Texas Tech University 

Does your campus offer additional programming such as a student money management center, or a personal finance course? If you answered YES, consider attending this session to learn how your campus can collaborate with multiple programs to ensure students have the best access to financial resources!

Six Easy Steps: Helping Prospective Students Apply for Financial Support

Zachary W. Taylor, The University of Texas at Austin

Financial wellness language may be confusing for pre-college students, first-generation college students, and English-language learners. Session participants will learn how to apply reading comprehension tests to their communication to ensure all students can understand financial wellness communication.  

Break Out Sessions #2 (Day one; 2:20 pm - 3:10 pm)

Cut Through the Clutter: Branding Your Program for Student Engagement

Ayeesha Green, Austin Community College | Linda Eguiluz, Austin Community College

We've been there: Overlooked flyers and posters, unopened emails, and low workshop attendance. Messaging on college campuses has turned into a Charlie Brown version of adult-speak, “wah wah wah wah... “ This interactive session will give participants the tools to create a brand using a holistic approach to marketing and outreach.

Preparing the Student Loan Debt Letter

Patsy Collins, Sam Houston State University | Dr. Kristy Vienne, Sam Houston State University

12,000+ Student Loan Debt Letters later and we have a lot to share: Working with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and Texas Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, crafting the message, budgeting, our campus wide team approach, extracting data, as well as challenges we encountered and resolutions we developed.

Break Out Sessions #3 (Day one; 4:00 pm - 4:50 pm)

Pole Dancing, SnoCones & A Marriage Proposal: Financial Coaching is Anything But Routine

Paul Goebel, University of North Texas | Rebecca Boyle, University of North Texas | Mohammad Osman, University of North Texas

Desmond Tutu once noted, “We inhabit a universe that is characterized by diversity.” These words find no truer meaning then in the topics and issues that can be raised during a financial coaching session. This session is designed as an introduction to learning how to conduct a non-judgmental coaching session. Members of the UNT SMMC team will provide an abbreviated mock coaching session from intake to action plan. Be prepared for anything but the routine.

Break Out Sessions #4 (Day two; 10 am - 10:50 am)

Money Management Boot Camp: Lessons Learned

Meghan Williams, West Texas A&M University

The Buff $mart team at West Texas A&M University created the Money Management Boot Camp based on the book 5 Mistakes You Cannot Afford to Make in College. The course educates students on the importance of money management, including the use of student loans, and credit cards. Attendees will leave with tips on how to implement a similar program on their campus.

Using a Text Message Scavenger Hunt to Promote Financial Aid Literacy

Karen Serna, Austin Community College | Zachary W. Taylor, The University of Texas at Austin

Austin Community College’s Student Money Management Office conducted a scavenger hunt by text message to educate students on financial aid. In this session, we share our experiences navigating this exploratory text messaging scavenger hunt, and provide tips for replication.

Break Out Sessions #5 (Day two; 11:05 am - 11:55 am)

Creating a Peer Mentor Training Program

Austin Covington, University of North Texas | Cyle Zimmerman, University of North Texas | Tania Wen, University of North Texas

A structured on-boarding program that produces well-trained financial literacy/wellness peer mentors will result in a “double impact” - growth and learning opportunities for both mentors and mentees. This panel session will be led by students who have completed one of the country’s best practices in peer mentoring on-boarding programs. Learn valuable insights to develop or enhance a training program specifically for your peer mentors.

Increase Attendance by 50% with Make $ense Messaging

Shar-day Campbell, Houston Community College | Joe Philistin, Houston Community College | JoEllen Soucier, Houston Community College

Let’s be honest – financial literacy isn’t an attractive draw for events. Often we resort to begging for extra credit opportunities or bribing with giveaways. What if you had the tools to shift messaging in a way that makes students respond? With a unique perspective as an award-winning communicator who works with financial coaches to close students' knowledge gap, the lead presenter will share how she shifted messaging/delivery to increase event attendance by 50%.

Texas Association of Collegiate Financial Education Professionals 

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