Symposium Speakers 

The annual TACFEP Symposium boasts speakers from a diverse array of backgrounds. Speakers provide attendees with industry insight, best practices, and ways to re-imagine how financial literacy could look in Higher Education. 

2018 KeyNote Speaker: Mechele Dickerson: "Financial Decision-Making when Decision-Making is Hard"

Mechele Dickerson is a nationally recognized scholar and a global media expert on consumer debt, homeownership, and housing affordability. She is the author of Homeownership and America's Financial Underclass: Flawed Premises, Broken Promises, New Prescriptions (Cambridge 2014). Dickerson has participated in congressional briefings and has testified before a congressional subcommittee on housing unaffordability. Her current research focuses on income and wealth inequality and she is currently writing a book on the Neglected Middle Class.


2018 Guest Speaker: Charles (Chad) Puls

Charles (Chad) W. Puls joined the Coordinating Board in March 2015, after spending 24 years working in financial aid offices across the Northeast.  He currently serves as the Deputy Assistant Commissioner, overseeing the Office of Student Financial Aid Programs, which includes the state’s loan programs, grant and scholarship programs, work-study program, and student loan repayment programs. Prior to the Coordinating Board, Dr. Puls spent ten years serving as Associate Dean of College Enrollment and Director of Financial Aid at the University of Rochester, with a focus on change management. Dr. Puls holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Delaware, a Master of Science in College Student Personnel Administration from Indiana University, Bloomington, and a Doctor of Education in Higher Education Management from the University of Georgia.

Past KeyNotes and Luncheon Speakers:

Kimberly Vesely, CFP, Full Circle Wealth 2017 KeyNote: Financial Planning: Engaging Millennials

Thomas G. Kimball, Ph.D., LMFT  2016 KeyNote

Nancy VonBoskirk, TG  FLEC and You! 

Mary Johnson, Higher One  Where's The Money? Creating a Financial Literacy Initiatives through Grants and External Funding

Mark Taylor, M.S.W., Ed.D  From Layaway to Bitcoin: Generational Issues in Financial Literacy

Texas Association of Collegiate Financial Education Professionals 

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