Board Member Nominees

The below nominees have been recommended by the TACFEP Nomination Committee to be elected to the TACFEP Board of Directors for the 2021-2022 term of service.

The administrator of each TACFEP membership has the right to vote to accept or oppose the slate of nominees as recommended to the TACFEP Board of Directors by the TACFEP Nominating Committee.

Administrators have been emailed a link to vote. Voting will close on December 22nd. Failure to submit a vote will be counted as approvals of the slate. 


Jennifer Wilson, Texas Tech University

I’m highly interested in serving on the TACFEP Board of Directors to share my extensive teaching financial literacy experience. I would like to collaborate with the board to support or provide training to members who teach personal finance or for members who would like to start teaching personal finance at their college/university. 

Danny Harvey, Prairie View A&M University

I want to serve on the board to affect change. I can affect change on individuals one by one via mentoring and local programming. However, on this board I can affect change on a large scale. I can use my skills and knowledge to ensure that the vision of TACFEP is accomplished and it can have a greater reach. 

Bryan Ashton, Trellis Company

I have enjoyed my time on the board since coming to Texas and look forward to continuing to grow TACFEP's footprint, support the organizations leadership, and develop stronger ties to the Higher Education Financial Wellness Alliance.

Nick Kilmer, Texas A&M University

I have served on the board for the last few years and believe that there is still much work to be done to grow our network, provide more opportunities and services to our members, solidify our direction, and overall improve our outcomes as an Association. And, during this COVID financial crisis, our efforts are all the more important.

Mary Lange, Texas Bankers' Association

I would like to serve on the TACFEP Board to support  the association’s mission and vision for financial education professionals within higher education. I look forward to developing an actionable plan to build greater awareness of and expand TACFEP collaborations between higher education and the business community. The ultimate goal for my service will be to nurture  greater connectivity and  awareness of financial literacy for students.


Texas Association of Collegiate Financial Education Professionals 

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